Accepted Papers

  • Scott Bell, Ting Wei, Wook Rak Jung and Alyssa Scott
    A Conceptual Model of Trust for Indoor Positioning Systems

  • Francesco Leotta, Massimo Mecella and Fabio Aloise
    PERICLES: A Performance Evaluation Platform for Indoor Localization Systems

  • Xu Lu, Caixia Wang, Nader Karamzadeh, Arie Croitoru and Anthony Stefanidis
    Deriving Implicit Indoor Scene Structure With Path Analysis

  • Hendrik Stange, Thomas Liebig, Dirk Hecker, Gennady Andrienko and Natalia Andrienko
    Analytical Workflow of Monitoring Human Mobility in Big Event Settings using Bluetooth

  • Yaemi Teramoto, Akinori Asahara, Akiko Sato and Hitoshi Tomita
    Indoor Positioning based on Radio Signal Strength Distribution Modeling using Mirror Image Method

  • Stephan Winter, Kai-Florian Richter, Mingzheng Shi and Heng-Soon Gan
    Get Me out of Here: Collaborative Evacuation Based on Local Knowledge

  • Liping Yang and Michael Worboys
    A Navigation Ontology for Outdoor-Indoor Space

General Chair

Lars Kulik, The University of Melbourne, Australia

Program Chairs

Ralf Hartmut Güting, FernUniversität Hagen, Germany

Hua Lu, Aalborg University, Denmark


Korean Land Spatialization Group